BAE Audio New1066DL and 1023L Vintage Design Equalizers

BAE Audio [NAMM 2016 Booth A 6290], manufacturer of audio equipment faithful to vintage design specifications, has announced that it will introduce two new 500 series equalizers at NAMM 2016. The new1066DL and 1023L units take the beloved vintage sound and feature sets of BAE Audio’s 1066D and 1023 preamplifiers and make them available to fans of the popular “lunchbox” format, while maintaining the same hand-wired circuitry and premium components of their 19-inch cousins. The new products are a new, significant addition to BAE Audio’s growing portfolio of high-quality 500 series signal processing.

The new 1066DL is based on the classic 1066, which features the same mic-line preamplification stage as the 1073, but features different frequency selections in its EQ for a whole new sonic palette. The available frequencies on the 1066 are especially well suited to guitar applications because of its unique midrange. The 1023L — based on the classic 1023 — takes the preamp and EQ from the 1073 and expands upon it with significantly more frequency options in the high and mid sections, even allowing users to play the mid bell curve directly against the high and low shelves where they overlap.

“We are pleased to be able to continue to expand our 500 series product line at NAMM this year,” commented BAE Audio President Mark Loughman. “The availability of our widely used 1066 and 1023 designs in the lunchbox format will increase the sonic palette available to the many producers, instrumentalists, and engineers who favor our products and want the flexibility of taking them everywhere they go.”

The 1066DL and 1023 are the latest in BAE Audio’s 500 series. The company made waves in 2015 with its compact but sonically uncompromising 1073MPL 500 series preamp and recently launched B15 preamp. Shrinking these designs to a compact format is a formidable challenge for any designer and manufacturer, but BAE Audio has succeeded in maintaining a very high manufacturing standard, as each of its units are hand-wired and assembled in California.

The 1066DL retails for $2,100 US, and the 1023L retails for $2,400 US. Both units are available now.

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