Soyuz Microphones launch their SU-019 FET LDC Microphone

In the past couple of years, high-end microphone manufacturer Soyuz has begun making a name for themselves in the pro audio world. Their flagship LDC SU-017
and SDC SU-011 tube microphones have become favorites of such luminaries as Nigel Godrich (Radiohead), Rik Simpson (Coldplay), Butch Walker (Pink, Taylor Swift), Sylvia Massy (Prince, Johnny Cash) and many others. The introduction of the SU-019 marks Soyuz’s entrance into the world of FET microphones. Featuring the same handmade capsule and build quality as the SU-017, the SU-019 is an amazing value, coming in at just $1999 MAP in the US market.

Key Features:
– K67 capsule
– Custom made toroidal transformer
– Point-to-point wiring
– Custom made shock mount
– Wooden box
*All of the above are handmade by Soyuz at their factory in Tula, Russia

“We wanted to offer a world class LDC microphone at a price that would be within the reach of people who might not be able to afford the SU-017,” explains Soyuz president and co-founder David Arthur Brown. “We did a lot of research with different schematics and components until we were able to achieve a sound that we felt was
well balanced and beautiful enough to be part of the Soyuz family of microphones.”

Some facts about the SU-019:
The SU-019 features the same K67 style capsule as their flagship SU-017. Their capsules are 100% made in-house using manual lathes and drill presses and their vintage Soviet-era gold sputter machine.

Soyuz winds their toroidal transformers using cores that have very low harmonic distortion, thus allowing the original harmonics of the signal to remain largely unaltered.

Internal Structure
The internal design of the SU-019 is based on a stacked disc design traditionally used in Russian missiles.

Polycarbonate Discs
Instead of printed circuit boards, Soyuz uses polycarbonate discs with metal pins. Produced 100% in-house, these discs have high resistance, which prevents signal leakage and helps to minimize unwanted noise.

Point-to-point/wire wrap
Stable and very reliable, point-to-point is still the go-to choice in many important aerospace applications. It makes repairs much easier and is generally more dependable in critical applications. Soyuz uses a combination of “wire wrap” technology as well as solder for an extra clean signal path and robust design.

The K67 style capsule and the SU-019’s preamp are designed and matched to handle SPL as high as 140 dB.

Shock Mount
The SU-019 comes with its own matching shock mount built at the Soyuz factory in Russia using a combination of steel, aluminum and brass.

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