The sharing economy has arrived for the music industry. Introducing: The audio hunt

A new website has arrived that could dramatically decrease the costs involved in creating music, through connecting people and enabling sharing.

Released this month, The Audio Hunt is a peer-to-peer sharing website where you can make money from your spare or unused audio gear, instruments, services or spaces.
Co-founder of The Audio Hunt and accomplished music producer / engineer Stephen Bartlett says that this could be the answer to creating great music in an age of high production costs and decreasing income for musicians.

“I had the idea for the site after mixing an album that charted at number 3 in Europe,” said Bartlett, “The tracks had been recorded with limited gear to save on cost, but it made my job so much harder.”

“I realized that there’s so much equipment that goes unused most of the time. If we pool our resources, I believe the results will be heard instantly in creativity and fidelity.”
“Our website mobilizes unused equipment and creates a community where everyone benefits from sharing. Owners benefit from additional revenue streams, Renters benefit from cheaper access to quality gear, and we all benefit from better sounding music.”
For those who would prefer to keep their gear nearby, The Audio Hunt also provides the ability to make money without it leaving your site. The website’s innovative and unique service called ‘Sell your Sound’ lets users send files for processing through others’ equipment for a small fee.

Creating any music-related listing on the website is easy and free. Once uploaded, your listing appears in search results and is bookable by anyone who uses the site. For each booking, you can set the cost, specify shipping and security deposit prices and transact seamlessly and safely.

“Security is a huge priority for us”, said co-founder and hobby cellist James Morrell, “We have implemented a number of security measures including the option for a security deposit to be held by us during bookings. We also have a debit timeline that protects both Owners and Renters throughout the duration of the transaction.”
The website is the latest great example of consumers’ shift towards the sharing economy, which has already revolutionized the travel and transportation industries through the likes of AirBNB, Uber and other similar websites.

The Audio Hunt has already had a number of successful transactions, and boasts some rare and unique listings that would impress even the most avid of gear heads. It has received huge support and encouragement by audio industry heavyweights, such as Cenzo Townshend and Ronald Prent, and boasts feature interviews with Ryan West, John Alagia and Chris Keup.

The Audio Hunt is online now – join today free at