SOS visit Funkhaus Berlin [Vídeo]

As can be seen on the plan, there are five separate recording rooms fanned out around the central control room. Each recording room is built on an independent foundation. Every one is different in size and has specific acoustic properties. This allows for a wide variety of applications. All the rooms allow visual contact with the control room thru the use of large sound absorbing windows with multiple glazing. The spacious control room offers a cozy retro atmosphere. Here you can focus on your music.

Historical background
The Funkhaus Nalepastrasse was built from 1953 to 1956 by Bauhaus architect
Franz Ehrlich. Originally, the Funkhaus was East Germany’s central radio station; it holds the largest studio complex in the world. The numerous recording spaces range from the 1000m2 concert hall, which can host a symphony orchestra, all the way down to a telephone booth. The acoustic characteristics of the rooms are of outstanding quality and extremely varied. The acoustic treatment was conceived by Gerhard Steinke

The specific chunk of studio space we have chosen to rehabilitate, within the larger Funkhaus Nalepastrasse studio complex, was originally named “Hörspiel* 1 – Studio” (abbreviated as H1). This array of recording rooms had it’s moment of glory under the label “Planet Roc Studio”. In those days, it was animated by producer Werner Krumme, who brought international stars such as Sting, Mariah Carey, Black Eyed Peas and Alice Cooper to record in these rooms.

*german for “radio play”