ME Geithain – Monitores Cardioides!

The RL 901K has been designed for both the professional user at medium-size to large audio, video and film studios and for the discerning music enthusiast.

By the radiating characteristic within the frequency range from 30 through 250 Hz the reflections on the back walls of listening rooms can be minimized. The transfer characteristic can be matched to the acoustical conditions of the reproduction room as well as to the set-up situation by a low-frequent infinitely variable adaptation within two adjustable frequency ranges.

The unit for the medium and high-frequency range is combined in a coaxial manner with a long-throw 16-inch bass system and is provided with a directivity index, which supplements in an excellent way that of the bass system. The total directivity index of the monitor was optimized for middle through larger listening distances between 2 and 4 metres. The whole system is superior by excellent localization behaviour. The high-power long-throw bass system is driven in a compact cabinet so that optimum impulse behaviour can be reached. Moreover, with a series of constructional measures we have provided that convincing lowest values of non-linear distortions and colorations could be reached.

The three-channel MOSFET power amplifier with electronic crossover is integrated within the back wall of the cabinet and can be swing out for service purposes. An intermittent LED lighting signals when the overload limit is reached. After crossing of the maximum level the output level will be reduced by 20 dB to avoid any overloading of the components.

A variety of special stands and racks is available as accessories. According fixing elements have been integrated into the loudspeaker cabinet.