Plugin Alliance unveil Brainworx bx_digital V3 & SPL Transient Designer Plus and more

Plugin Alliance today announced the release of major upgrades to two of its most popular plugins. The Brainworx bx_digital V3 adds fabulous new features at a newly reduced price, while the SPL Transient Designer Plus features an improved emulation of the original hardware, as well vital new features not found in either the original Transient Designer plugin or hardware.

• Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ – $299 MSRP (down from $329 for V2)
A major update to this legendary and beloved M/S EQ blows up the de-esser section into a full dynamic EQ with cut and boost, Pre/Post and Fast/Slow. There’s also an increased EQ frequency range and plenty of new tonal, slope, and Q options.

“We never stopped improving on our best loved EQ,” said Brainworx founder Dirk Ulrich, “from implementing better filters to offering higher resolution, embedding dynamic EQs and other unique features like the Mono Maker or now the Gain Scale technology. The release of bx_digital V3 is the next generation of our modern classic M/S EQ. Daddy couldn’t be prouder.”

• SPL Transient Designer Plus – $199 MSRP
This major update to Transient Designer performs level-independent processing of transients. New features include internal or external sidechaining, a limiter and wet/dry parallel processing.

“The Transient Designer Plus is a huge step ahead,” said Hermann Gier of SPL. “It’s like the entire feature wish list is being fulfilled. Now there is parallel mixing, peak limiting and sidechain—very cool. On top of that, with all the experience gained over the past years making plugins, we took the chance to improve the existing Transient Designer code. Now – you guessed it – the TD Plus is closer to the original hardware than ever before. Great stuff!”

Both bx_digital V3 and the SPL Transient Designer Plus are available now, and Plugin Alliance is offering a limited-time upgrade special of $49 for existing users of both plugins.

Simultaneously, Plugin Alliance has released All Bundle V4.0. In less than a year, the mighty All Bundle has nearly doubled in size, adding huge value to the flagship package for pro audio producers and engineers. Even with 64 world-class audio plugins from 14 highly esteemed international professional audio companies, the All Bundle V4.0 user still enjoys the simple download and authorization process that allows every plugin in a fully-functional, 14-day demo. Each plugin in the bundle is available in AAX, AU, VST2 and VST3 formats.

In addition to bx_digital V3 and SPL Transient Designer Plus, All Bundle V4.0 adds two additional new products:

Dangerous Music BAX EQ – $249 MSRP
Plugin Alliance welcomes the first Dangerous Music plugin to the family. This plugin meticulously models the sound and behavior of the vital “tone control” BAX EQ hardware unit. Also, the software adds an Output Trim, and the Master version adds a M/S mode for extended mastering possibilities and a Link mode.

Brainworx bx_cleansweep Pro – $149 MSRP
The new Pro version of this joint high-pass/low-pass filter unleashes five new filter types with Adjustable Order (slope) for each one, and a new Graph shows Magnitude, Phase, Group Delay, and spectral analysis.

“While it’s really gratifying to see so many more companies join the Alliance family,” said Matt Ward, CEO of Plugin Alliance, “it’s even more exciting when our customers thank us for making their music sound better by offering so many great production tools.”

All Bundle V4.0 is available at an MSRP of $4,099, or 60% off of the combined retail prices of all the included plugins. As added conveniences, customers can pay in 12 monthly, interest-free installments, and discounts are applied for any previously-owned plugins. 44 of its 64 plugins support the AAX DSP format. All included plugins run on Mac OS 10.6-10.10 and Windows 64-bit 7 or 8, and 44 of the 64 plugins support the AAX DSP format.

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