Heritage Audio MCM20.4, 20 channel mixer with the addition of 4 aux sends

Following the working principle of the MCM32, the MCM20.4 is a 20 channel mixer with the addition of 4 aux sends ( 2 mono and 1 stereo ). 16 channels are laid out in 2 rows of 8 on the front panel, having fader, pan, insert and on/off controls. These are actively sub grouped into 2 stereo subs, again with insert points and dedicated stereo faders.

The 4 additional inputs (hard panned left and right and at unity gain) can be accessed from the back of the unit. These can be used as FX Returns, cascading mixers or simply as additional stereo channels.
The aux sends section can be used pre or post fader and features 2 mono sends (1 and 2) and alternatively, a third stereo aux can be used. Hard panning the stereo aux turns this into 2 mono auxes.

Master faders for all sends are provided. The Master Bus has indeed its own insert point and dedicated Fader. All inputs and outputs, included inserts, are balanced. All connections are on DSUB 25s following the Tascam protocol, with the exception of the Master Bus related ones, which are on XLRs. Stereo output is duplicated for easy Mix / Monitor splitting.

The combination of active and passive mixing topologies, together with the use of heavy gauge ground busses, gives an exceptional low noise and high headroom.

US MAP: USD 3699

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